01_Maalem Mustapha Baqbou Gnawa TroupMaalem Mustapha Baqbou Gnawa Troup
02_parade troupGnaoua Festival Kick Off Parade
03_Festival Parade JumperGnawa troup parade performances
04_Festival green
05_more paradeGnawa troups marching through the medina
06_Gnawa parade faces
07_Parade watchersParade watchers
08_Gnawa parade
09_parade sufiSufi performance during the parade
10_More Sufi parade
11_Little GnawaA young Gnawa
12_parade colorVibrant Gnawa robes
13_Watching parade
14_Parade rooftops
15_Bassekou KouyatéBassekou Kouyate (Mali) performing on the Main Stage
16_Hamid & Bassekou KouyatéBassekou & Maalem Hamid El Kasri
17_Bassekou & Hamid
19_Festival AudienceGnaoua Festival audience
20_Maalem Hamid group shotMaalem Hamid El Kasri and his Gnawa Troup
21_Tariq & Hamid El Kasri gimbri
21b_Hamid & SonMaalem Hamid El Kasri and his son
22_Young Gnawa2
22b_Hamid & BassekouHamid El Kasri and Bassekou Kouyate
23_Bassekou Moroccan flag
24_Ibrahim_Maalouf_01Ibrahim Maalouf whistling on stage
25_Ibrahim_Maalouf_bandIbrahim Maalouf's incredible band
26_Marcus_MillerBass player Marcus Miller (USA)
27_Hamid_nightMaalem Hamid El Kasri rooftop performance
28_Sufi_02Sufi rooftop performance
29_Sufi 03
31_Skala de la KasbahSkala de la Kasbah in Essaouira
32_Bassekou rooftopBassekou Kouyate
33_Ocean viewBeautiful rooftop view
34_Essaouira 1Exotic city of Essaouira
35_Plates_medinaWinding medina of Essaouira
36_View from my window2View from my window
37_Instruments2Instrument shop in Essaouira
38_CD shop EssaouiraCD shop in the medina
39_Instrument shop
40_Morrocan tilesMoroccan tilework in Marrakech
41_Djemaa_el_fnaDjemma El Fna in Marrakech
43_Snake_scaredy_catsSnake charmers in Marrakech
46_Sun setting MarrakechSunset in Marrakech
47_Sunset Marrakech
49_Maalem Hamid El KasriGnaoua Festival Finale performance

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